We've recently welcomed the lovely ladies from The Quiet Resolution into the salon, and we're thrilled that they've become among our new favourite guests! Check out a copy of their latest blog post sharing what they love about Reilly Denholm Edinburgh.


Does anyone else have a slightly irrational fear of the hairdresser? Us too, because there really is nothing worse than having your crowning glory cut or coloured badly. Finding a hairdresser in a new city, who is talented, honest and a great listener is near impossible. You want a stylist who is experienced but also will tell you when a fringe is really not going to work for you. That is where the amazing Reilly Denholm steps in.

Reilly Denholm launched in Edinburgh in August, I (Lyndsey) was lucky enough to have my hair cut and coloured just before their fabulous launch party. The owners Archie and Josh have opened an effortless, cool salon that caters to the tastes of both men and women. The salon which is on Salamander Street in Leith, has a seamless mix of chic and industrial decor that adds to the overall 5 star experience. Whether you are booked in with either Josh or Sam you are in amazing hands.


Since my initial appointment, all three of us have been in again for blow-drys, cut's and colours. Reilly Denholm has quickly become our go-to hairdresser in Edinburgh.

'I had been using the same hairdresser for about five years and when she moved to Canada, I left it nearly two years to get my hair done. The minute I walked into the beautiful Salamander Street salon I was blown away and complimenting the owners on the gorgeous and cool interiors. My stylist Sam and I had an amazing consultation and I feel like she completely understood what I wanted. I was absolutely thrilled with my hair when I left the salon and received thousands of compliments on my swishy new do. When I went back for my follow up hair cut, my hair was noticeably in much better condition. All the love for the entire team at Reilly Denholm! ' - Lyndsey 


'This is literally the best hairdressers I've ever been to. There was no awkward hairdresser chat, no silent fear whist the hairdresser chops off too much or convinces you 'i'ts going to be amazing' even though you specifically said you don't want whatever style they're pushing. Josh cut my hair and I have never felt so comfortable whilst someone gave me a re-style.  I'm one of those people that has a terrifying hairdresser story and can't ever trust again. But finally Josh got rid of that fear. His experience and advice is unbelievable and makes you feel AMAZING when you leave. I found my perfect hairstyle and perfect hairdresser who I want to be my new best friend.' - Zoë

'For the first time in 4 years I pulled up the courage to get my haircut. The last time I went to a hairdresser I had full on bangs #ragrets but the fact that there has been no sign of them for about 3 years tells you that this haircut had been a long time coming. I saw what a beautiful job Reilly Denholm did of Lyndsey's hair and I instantly wanted mine done too. I felt so comfortable in Sam's hands and I even told her that she could cut off more than what she had suggested which is really big for me.Usually I would laugh when the hairdresser recommends booking an appointment in 6-8 weeks time, but I was like see you then! Even that feels like a long time, I'm ready to go back now and its only been about 3 weeks. My hair has never looked or felt more healthy than it did after having it cut here.' - Toni

Amy Fredriksson