New Year, New Hair!

A new year calls for new beginnings, and this doesn't need to end with a gym membership. Winter can wreak havoc with your locks; from extremes in temperature to increased humidity and excessive styling (you went to HOW many Christmas parties?) We share how to get your hair in tip top condition, and fast!

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For dry, frizzy, colour-treated or damaged hair, speak to your stylist about Awapuhi Wild Ginger KeraTriplex and HydraTriplex professional treatments. Who doesn't want 80% reduced breakage,  82% softer, more manageable hair or both! Formulated with cruelty-free Keratin and vegetable proteins, these salon-only single shot ampuoles will treat hair from the inside out.


If hitting the swimming pool is part of your 2018 agenda, then a clarifying shampoo is a definite must. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three removes dulling build-up from your hair, strengthens strands and minimizes future buildup. Deep cleansers remove chlorine, iron and minerals helping to prevent swimmers' chlorine green. 


For damaged hair in need of instant repair, Moroccanoil® Restorative Hair Mask is a 5–7-minute revitalizing treatment that reconstructs hair and infuses protein back into strands that have been damaged by chemical treatments or heat styling. Its high-performance, deeply restorative formula is rich in argan oil, shea butter and reparative proteins that restore hair's elasticity and rebuild its strength from the inside out.


Whether it's due to aging, genetics, pregnancy or medication, hair thinning and loss can be worrisome. Healthy hair and hair growth starts with a healthy scalp. Tea Tree Scalp Care is a preventative 3-part system that helps to slow down the process of hair thinning. Speak to your stylist for further advice.