“The Holy Grail for Coloured Hair” – British Vogue


Everyone's talking about Olaplex. And no wonder: as changes in hair colour trends become more frequent and more experimental, the promise of a salon treatment that claims to restore your hair to its virgin state even as your colour is being applied is leading beauty editors globally to put pen to paper about the “Holy Grail for coloured hair.”

“It’s no surprise that celebrities like the Kardashian's can’t get enough of this wonder treatment after going from jet black to platinum blonde and back again over and over again; a process that would normally leave hair incredibly damaged and fragile,” explains Salon Owner, Josh Denholm.

To understand how Olaplex works requires a bit of a chemistry lesson. Your hair is made up of disulfide bonds. When you perm, bleach, or colour your hair, or use heat styling, some of the disulfide bonds split to become hydrogen-sulfur bonds. Hydro-sulfur bonds create broken links of hair, leaving it dry or damaged.


Additionally, these hydrogen-sulfur bonds can oxidize to sulfates over time, resulting in irreversible damage. Like hair rehab, Olaplex relinks these broken hydrogen-sulfur bonds and leaves the hair strengthened.

“The benefits to a guests’ hair colouring experience are immense,” enthuses Josh. “If you now want to drastically change your hair colour, we can now do this in far fewer stages without your hair starting to snap and feel like straw. It's also the perfect addition for any colouring service to keep your hair in tip top condition."

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